COMPRES 14/8 assemblies


A. Bayreuth mock-up

This design is based on the Bayreuth design: zriconia thermal insulation, lanthanum chromite step-heater. There are some small changes:

1. Laser-cut paper

2. "Caltech-style" gasket. The dimensions are * mm by * mm; slightly changed from the Bayreuth dimensions of * by *, but keeping the cross-sectional area (Jed Mosenfelder). The gasket thickness is equal to the theoretical distance between the carbide cubes (verify using the program Gasket).

3. Injection-molded octahedra.

4. Leave out the teflon tape.

5. The thermocouple may be modified. Wire thickness and trench pattern are under development. See our thermocouple page.


B. Hybrid assembly.

This is an assembly for both in-house and synchrotron work. It is intended to have desirable characteristics for routine high-pressure work (high thermocouple success, stabilty, low blowout rate, low thermal gradient, good temperature efficiency, etc.) and at the same time be suited for in-situ work by having a reasonably low average atomic number <Z>. This is currently under development and testing. Mullite thermal insulating sleeves, TiB2 furnaces, and other unusual features are under consideration and/or testing.